Fashion Tips for Expecting Mothers

Having a baby inside of you does make a lot of changes in not only your body itself, your figure and weight, but also your personality and manners that probably leads to a little confusion in choosing what to wear. But worry no more because here are a few useful tips for you to be both pretty and economical during pregnancy:

1. Shop your own style. It’s extravagant to buy some maternity outfits of only 4-6 month use. Instead, consider A-shaped or loose-fitting dresses that you can wear for postpartum (silk is one of the good choices).

2. Don’t underestimate your oversized boyfriend shirt ‘cause it can mix and match with many items in your wardrobe (skirts, shorts, trousers, etc.) or complement your look as layering.

3. Hat or scarf as accessories could complete your outfits and block the sun/wind.


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