Food stains removal: Tips

Food stains are inevitable and sometimes no less of a pain. Try these tips to remove stains effortlessly:

1. Sweep leftover food and dab as gently as possible with a clean cloth. Do not scrub.

2. Before washing, identify the stain source and try these techniques: • Ketchup: Soak any excess ketchup in pure vinegar (1-2 tablespoons) in 30 min. Rinse the garment, and apply liquid laundry detergent to the area before washing it again in cold water. • Coffee and colored beverages: These stains are hard to get rid of. To remove it, use limes. Scrub a slice of lime gently onto the affected area(s) several times or use cotton buds/pads soaked in extracted lime juice to absorb the stains. Wash the clothing and allow it to dry.

3. Always check the washing and care instructions (mostly sewn into the garment). If not shown, contact the seller for details.

4. Test washing agent with lining layer to check the cleaning effectiveness as exceptions may occur. Hope with these useful tips you’ll spend less time worrying and cleaning. For further consultancy, feel free to comment below or hit Message button!


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