The making of THỊ collection


Flowers have become an endless inspiration for people to have their children named after or compared to. You may or may not know, each flower represents its own distinctive meaning.

Many women share mutual name as Điệp, especially decades ago. It’s short naming of Hồ Điệp (Phalaenopsis orchid), one type of orchids that is white and ethereal, a symbol of beauty, bliss and success. Parents who named their babies Điệp probably wish the future life of their kids the same thing.

It is also Điệp women, who are good looking and talented, whose happiness and joy are not dependent on anyone but themselves, that is the inspiration for this collection. Stay tuned!


What does the name Xuân remind you of? Something joyful and youthful in springtime, isn't it? Spring does not only tell you that it's family reunion time, but also symbolizes the primetide of women's life.

In our imagination, Xuân is as lively and youthful as new eglantine blossoms, a woman who is optimistic about the future, capable of nurturing herself to reach the standards of traditional women. According to Confucian values, four senses of virtue are Công (work, housework), Dung (appearance), Ngôn (speaking manner), Hạnh (moral) - this is old but gold, proving its meaning through time.

Hope you all, especially our Xuân, always live positively and treasure the expectations and wishes that your parents put in your name.

The second mosaic of the new collection is out. The whole picture is coming in a week! Stay tuned!


In Sino-Vietnamese vocab, Liên means lotus flower, a rustic plant often seen in the countryside of Vietnam. It's grown in the soil of the pond or river bottom (which contains mud and has nasty smell) but still blossom into beautiful and fragrant flowers, thus it is the symbol of purity and simplicity. It is national flower of Vietnam, as well as the representation of the beauty of Vietnamese women.

Xéo Xọ has been thinking a lot about Liên, the name and the personality of women whose name are Liên. They are kind and lively but also diligent and modest, sometimes they show high sense of independence and resilience. These Liên designs are the next mosaic of Thị Collection. Coming soon!


Thiếu nữ bên hoa huệ (Young woman with Lily) is one of the most well-known oil paintings by painter Tô Ngọc Vân, it has high artistic value in Vietnamese art in the early 20th century.

The inspiration for the last mosaic of Thị Collection came from this piece of artwork for it succeeded in revealing the tender beauty of young Vietnamese women. Women who share mutual name as Huệ (Lily) are the ones who live humbly, they share pure souls, kind hearts and smart minds.

We wish to continue receiving support from you all on this new collection!